Frequently Asked Queries

The most frequently asked queries and their answers

It takes us about 20 days to build a conventional website. The creation of our E-commerce (online store) websites takes about 35 days. This time will vary depending on the project.

Truly! You will be the only owner of anything we put together. The vast majority of our customers stick with us throughout the duration of the website's existence. In that regard, our group is simply overpowering. In any case, if you decide you need to move your website to a different hosting service or hire a different company to maintain it,we will gladly assist you in making the transition as painless and efficient as possible. After all, the website is yours, and we want you to take it with you wherever you go.

The bulk of our websites is built using an open-source Content Management System (CMS).

Yes. We've taken this strategy in the hopes of being able to stand behind anything we make 100 percent.

Yes, everything we make is completely custom, with unlimited design modifications. We create everything from the design to the administrative section so you can manage the website yourself.